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United Healthcare is one of the most popular health insurance companies in the whole country insuring a very large number of Americans all over the country. This health care provides five different kinds of health insurance plans, which can suit each and every person’s lifestyle.

Co pay, student coverage and health saving account are the three main kinds of policies of health insurance that apply to almost all Americans living in the United States. These three different kinds of policies of health insurance range in prices from plans that have really very low monthly health insurance premiums to plans that have almost each and every kind of coverage you could possibly need.

Co pay insurance is the first kind of health insurance policy that is provided by the United Healthcare Health Insurance. With the co pay health insurance there is a amount of money that you will very truly have to pay whenever you go to the doctor each and every time for a sick visit or even a well visit. Generally this amount of money is pretty very low and you generally pay this amount of money at the check-in desk whenever you go to your preferred doctor.

After this payment of money that means co-payment, you will not be charged for your medical exam that is the cost for your medical exam will be absolutely free, along with the co-payment people under this health insurance policy are generally eligible for prescription medicines at a price that is very truly discounted, which makes it really a very good and also a very inexpensive plan for all the people who have medicine prescriptions.

The health saving account is the very next kind of health insurance plan that is provided by the United Healthcare Health Insurance. Under the health savings account plan you are very truly charged a with a much higher deductible but at the same instant you really have to pay a much lower monthly health insurance premium. This is really a very good and profitable deal for all those people who do not often get sick because their prices will remain pretty less as far as a monthly health insurance premium is concerned.

Also, under the health savings account plan the holders of the health insurance policy will put his/her money saved on otherwise really very high rate health insurance premiums into a health savings account that will very truly pay for expenses of health care until the deductible is finally met.