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Early Warning Signs of Medication Addiction

When used according to your health care provider’s instructions, prescription drugs are beneficial and help the body to recover, deal with pain, and fight infections, sickness, and disease. Yet most prescription drugs are addictive or habit forming by nature. Your first step is to thoroughly read through any literature that accompanies your medication to make certain that you are using it correctly. It is also important to recognize the warning signs of becoming addicted so that you can address these should they occur. What might be the greatest danger surrounding prescription drugs, is the fact that people can become addicted without ever realizing it.

Addiction to prescription medication often happens innocently. A person is in pain, or sick, and visits their health care provider. He or she leaves the office with a prescription for medication that is effective but also habit forming. The medicine should be taken for a short period of time, and then discontinued to prevent becoming addicted. However, the person develops a dependency upon the prescription medication and suddenly cannot function in their day-to-day activities without the assistance of the drug. In fact, it doesn’t take long before the symptoms of addiction begin to manifest, including adverse reactions and withdrawal symptoms. It is often the negative aspects of withdrawal that causes a person to sink deeper into a prescription drug addiction.

If you find that you are constantly craving your prescription medication, or feel that you can’t function without it, there is a good chance that you are addicted. One of the main signs that you have an addiction to prescription medication is finding the need to use several physicians or health care providers to access the medications you need. You might feel that there is nothing wrong with this behavior, and not recognize it as an addiction. You might truly believe that you are suffering from chronic pain and that your physician doesn’t understand the nature of your condition and isn’t treating you adequately. Once the physician determines that enough medication has been prescribed, the addicted person will seek another supplier, or health care provider who will prescribe more medication.

Once the addiction becomes severe, the person might change their behaviors and stop socializing with friends and family members. They may even begin to feign illnesses and conditions in an attempt to have more medication prescribed. The addiction then strongly resembles any other type of addiction, where the person is seeking any method possible to obtain their prescription drug of choice. If you or someone you know is dealing with an addiction to prescription drugs, it is imperative that help is sought immediately. With treatment and therapy, the addiction can be managed and overcome.